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Everything you need to know about Bathpack products.


Will I ever be able to have products delivered monthly?

Yes! Very soon you will be able to receive a monthly Bathpack with hair tools as well as hair & body care products of your choice.

Why are you sold out?

Keeping up with demand has been challenging but very exciting! The anticipation coupled with our customers’ patience has allowed us to solve many issues with selling out due to the occasional spike in sales. We 100% promise to keep getting this right

Are you coming out with (fill in product suggestion here)?

Odds are good. We are constantly developing new products.

I want a deal, where can I get one?

The best way to find any deal is to join our email list and follow us on Instagram. If you want to go on a hunt for a deal,  follow some of our faves on Instagram like, @ashleysfreshfix, @houseofsmiths, @tarathueson, @funcheaporfree, and many more!